Ebenezer Baptist Church " A Church Where Everybody Is Somebody"
Ebenezer Baptist Church" A Church Where Everybody Is Somebody"

Ebenezer Baptist Church has a rich history located in the beautiful county of Essex and in town of Supply, Virginia. Nestled among the beautiful countryside, it sprang up from the beginning phases of its existence 150 years ago and continues to grow with the new addition expansion. Ebenezer is blessed by the strides and accomplishments of its past pastors and their present pastor:


Rev. Henry Young (1869-1899)

Rev. Randall W. Young (1900-1930)

Rev. Cosmore M. Young (1931-1937)

Rev. Addison B. Smith (1938-1957)

Rev. Frazier Andrews (1958-1959)

Rev. Cleveland Williams (1959-1962)

Rev. Seth Prudent (1963-1975)

Rev. G. Vincent Lewis (1976-1981)

Rev. Carl S. Young (1981-1985)

Rev. Calvin Matthew (1986-1989)

Rev. James E. King (1990-1996)

Rev. Kevin L. Sykes (1997-2004)

Rev. Irving L. Woolfolk, Jr. (2006-present)


Throughout the 150 year history of Ebenezer there have been many loving, faithful, and dedicated members.There are no limits to what God can do for Ebenezer as long as we continue to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly before our God. The legacy of Ebenezer continues under the humble Pastoral leadership of our beloved Pastor Irving L. Woolfolk, Jr.

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Ebenezer Baptist Church

3207 Quarter Hill Rd

Supply, Virginia 22436


Phone: (804) 443-4168



Worship Hours

Sunday Morning Worship Service:  10:15 a.m.


Wednesday Inspirational Message


Wednesdays  7:00 p.m.


See our “Calendar” page for events. 


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